New Website - 10 Reasons Why I Switched

As an independent artist, proficiency is key!  There's so much to do, communicate, and manage in order to maintain an effective online web presence.  Because after all, people need to be able to connect with you and you need to be able to ensure that connection with as few "log ins" as possible.  Yes, "Log ins"!  Because when it comes to the internet, there is a log-in requirement for every service. Just imagine what this is like for an artist who has a website, a web-store, sends an email newsletter,  has a blog, uses social media, and the list goes on...! So I've listed 10 Reasons Why I Switched web host before I launched my re-branded and revised website!  I now have a ONE stop shop with the following:
  1. Flexible Design Options including Mobile Friendly Layouts
  2. Promotion Tools - I can send out professional email blasts and track their effectiveness. (Text blast coming soon)
  3. Store - Allows me to sell music and merch directly from my website
  4. Inventory Assistance - I can manage order fulfillment & delivery tracking
  5. Interactive Reports - Full breakdown of site traffic to know how to engage fans geographically
  6. Fan Community - Allows fans to contribute & create a community, right on the website
  7. Blogs - I can build a full feature blog with RSS feeds, commenting, and categories
  8. Social Network Integration - I can post news and gigs instantly in sync across multiple social platforms
  9. Fewer Log-Ins - Items 2 thru 8 are services that would have otherwise come with 7 separate Log-Ins
  10. Did I mention fewer log-ins equals increased proficiency and more time to CREATE ART
Hello Bandzoogle, goodbye Hostbaby! :-) Welcome to! 

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