RANDOM: Top 10 Reason Why You Are NOT Bored

One of my pet peeves is hearing people say the phrase, "Im bored". Let's be clear, you are NOT bored if the following productive task remain incomplete:
1. CLEAN - Have you tidied up your room, closet, and all other uncommon areas and spots that you don't normally clean but could use a touch up?
2. EXERCISE - Where are you on your health & fitness goals?  Have you did 30 mins of cardio today? Hit the gym for some weight training? Or did some at home exercises like sit-ups, push-ups, stretching?
3. ORGANIZE - The bookshelf, your key ring, your collection, your storage closet, etc.
4. READ - What books, articles, or blogs are you currently reading? Have you finished every single one of them? Any new knowledge, information, or insight that you could use? If so, identify it and find something to read pertaining to it. 
5. PRACTICE - What gifts, skills, talents, trades, or other languages do you know? Spend time rehearsing & exercising those.
6. STUDY - The Industry that you are in & the others directly effected by your industry, study your craft for things you can practice next time. I highly recommend studying the Bible. Always be studious, to show yourself approved, having no need to be ashamed because knowledge is confidence. The more you glean in study, the closer you are to becoming an 'expert'. Plus learners are earners.
7. PLAN - "If we fail to plan, we planned NOT our time wisely but wasted it being bored." Do you see how I just rearranged that quote in my spare time? :-) Take some time to write out your 1 year, 2 year, 5 year goals. Go as far as 10 year goals. Be sure that you are charting out measurable goals not your "wildest dreams". Plan out the steps that it would take to reach each goal. Write it down, or type it up! Save it. Refer to it often to ensure you are on track and Revise it (as needed) when the vision & purpose for your life becomes clearer.
8. SOCIALIZE - We are suppose to cherish every moment with our loved ones. Did you spend quality time with or talking to any of your family, mentor, friends, mentee, clients, partners for the sake of bonding and relationship building? 
9. PRAY/MEDITATE - There's peace & tranquility available to us when we draw away from this temporal world that's constantly appealing to our 5 senses. It is in those times that we can revive the inner man through stillness and communication with our creator.
10. CREATE - We were intelligently designed in the image of our creator, which makes us inherently creative. Use your down time to Write, Draw/Paint, Be Crafty, Cook, or decorate. Let your imagination design a masterpiece.

Now, If you have done all of that, then you indeed, just might be bored. :-) If not you are likely just another "L" word that rhymes with crazy. Lol. Seriously, time is the most valuable commodity known to mankind, let's take dominion through productivity with the portion we have been allotted. Hopefully this helps! 

P.S. - If you don't see any other tips that aren't listed above, feel free to share with us, leave a comment below. 

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