Vision is like Vision: See Diagram

I was shown an illustration of “VISION” during my devotion & meditation time.  When I got up, I was prompted to hand draw this diagram and consider the parameters of how WE envision life. I took to the Evernote app without hesitation! In my observation, I came to the conclusions below: 

1. We have a 360 degree view of life at all times. 

From our current position, we can see to the left, right, in front, and behind us. 
Our sight allows us to believe that we can VEAR to the left or right a bit while still advancing into territories of life where we are not “out-of-focus” from our true vision. 
A step behind us is “in-focus”, hence the reason we feel comfortable going backwards. 
Notice, the area that we can safely navigate behind us WITH vision is not very plentiful. 

2. There is an area, just outside of our vision points where we cannot CLEARLY see. 

On the diagram, the “Outside of Vision” section represents where we are unable to envision or imagine what our experiences would be like if we entered those areas. 

The consequences of our actions & decision remain “out-of-focus” 
The potential people, problems, and opportunities remain “out-of-focus”. 

3. Although we recognize that the shortest and often safest distance between where we are and where we are heading is a STRAIGHT line, we are bent toward VEERING along the path because we find safety in the fact that we can SEE all the parameters of our position. What we often fail to factor in is the time that SWERVING takes vs advancing straight ahead. 

4. If you get close enough to the edge, you can see, but notice how far away from the CENTER you’ll be.  The center is equivalent to the CORE, the place you should live from. 

5. In urban vernacular, if someone offers you something that you do not want, you reply, “nah, I’m straight”.  In other words, from what I can see, I believe that I am good given my current position and the direction that I am moving in. What you are trying to offer me may cause me to drift away from that. So no thank you! 

6. What if… 

…we all navigated life with a “Nah, I’m straight” attitude? What would our aptitude be? 
…we stayed focus on what’s within our focus? 

This diagram is not a stationary box.  It is a scope of vision. As you move, so does the scope.  Even with eyesight, the person with the most perfect and superb vision can only see so far. There is a place in all of us that wants to believe that we are “out of the box”.  We don’t want to be afraid to chart new territory, explore the unknown, & discover new things.  This diagram is not in conflict with that desire.  In fact, if we live our lives from the Center, our Core will be our guide, navigating by giving us vision for our days, weeks, months, lives. We should not mistake the “Outside-of-Vision” area as the “faith & brave heart zone”. Instead we should recognize it as the area and space where we wander around aimlessly, which takes far less discipline and FOCUS, than staying the course STRAIGHT IN FRONT of us. 

Correlating Scriptures: 
Proverbs 4:27 – Do not turn to the right or to the left, turn yourself away from evil. 
Isaiah 30:21 – Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way, walk in it.” 
Proverbs 3:6 – In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your path.

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