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  1. Got Beat

From the recording Addicted: Dual EP

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“Got Beat”
Na it aint the words, I just like how the beat rides/
That’s a customize line that they use to compromise/
If all you want is a beat, I know something I could tell/
He got kicked, hit, and stripped with the cat of 9 tails/ (YEEAAAHHH)
I get beat homie, yeah I get beat homie, I get beat homie, yeah I get beat homie,
This is my story and I know it sounds gory…but I’ll get beat so God can get glory!
Verse 1 –
I’m not into proving points, but..if its for God’s sake/ (then)
I’ll get the beat like a doctor checking your heart rate/
Do something more astonishing than Mike hitting the moonwalk/ (what??)
Try to take theology and put it into common talk/ (oohhh!)
According to my calculations that should cause some open doors/
So my metaphors/they should lead you to his open sores/
I’m talking about his stripes cuz that is what your healed by/
Leading you to the ‘heal’ Jack, kinda like your Jill’s Guy/
Before we talk about the stripes, lets back up to the crucifixion/
Jesus “Got Beat Homie” and they did it with no conviction/
But they did have His permission/They did it with no restraints/
Which means that I should beat my flesh too & do it with no complaints/
Father is Spirt so he wrapped himself in some flesh/
As we know the flesh is a mess/So he crucified it to death/
So I guess He killed himself but I ain’t trying to go to deep/
Cuz you ain’t listening to my words anyway you just like the BEAT!/
Verse 2 –
I know this instrumentation, arresting u no probation, it’s the ultimate sensation
please know I’m aware son/
God gave me new clothes, please know I’m a wear Son, and get beat like a TomTom Snare Drum/
Clothed with the Christ, so I in an effort to behave/
Take a spiritual whip and turn me body into me-Slave/
I wake it up everyday just to put it in the grave/
Thoughts run wild, The flesh will try to get away/
I’m like “Get over here”...Its Mortal Kombat all day/
Apply the Spirit and just walk in it like a hall-way/
Why would she want to kill herself, this is an interesting observation/
I never seen a Dead man respond to temptation/
What I mean when I say I wanna die/Gotta tell the truth, when I really wanna lie/
Gotta get low, when I want to get fly/Endure and Long-suffer when I wanna say bye/
In verse 17 and according to John 10, if I lay my life down, I can take it up again/
Christ is my example and I know he took them blows/ yeah he died but he rose/ Glorryy!
So if they ask you why your listening cuz these christian rappers are weak/ Nod your head, tap your feet/
Tell’em na …I just like the BEAT! (homie)
Bridge -
“Now I know this Beat Rides...so I don't want to deprive you of your opportunity to enjoy it. Let's Go...!”
Get your left hand up and your right hand up!/
Now here's your opportunity to gone and handle up/ (handle up)
Get your left hand up and your right hand up!/
Now here's your opportunity to gone and handle up/ (handle up)
yeahh...yeahh...Beat....yeahh.....I see you on your air drums!