1. Better

From the recording Addicted: Dual EP

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1st Verse – ShySpeaks
You know the kingdom & the world they got a whole lotta differences/
Give me a minute and I will tell you what the difference is/
Like the music they making, they’re straight law breakin/
They’re hope is in the things that be shakin’/
Well this is Kingdom music, and no drugs in mine/
Cuz I ain’t gotta have a dope line, to have a dope line/ *whoa**drop beat shatter glass*
See half these dudes that say they sold dope lying/
They track record is as thing as a dope line/
*Get out here with that! And tell me since when/
Did it become cool to try to be the dude with the most sin/
We think the dude THAT SIN-Less man is the BEST Man/
Get it, Christ, Yep, on to the next then/
*Aye, ‘what she say’, ‘I think she just quoted Jay’/
Naw, that was just a set up for what I’m about to say/
See the world will try to tell you that Jesus can’t save ya/
And you rock to it, cuz that’s what your radio will play ya/
But Nope not me, *uh-uh*Nope not us/
We keep that thang moving like the greyhound bus/
We passing right by it, the Kingdom violent/
Tell Lecrae we all rebelling, guess we on our RIOT/
Tell my old favorite rapper that I’m now an X-Fans/
Fighting evil with a power, something like a X-Man/
Now you probably thinking, that this really ain’t fair/
But if you ask us, Man it really don’t compare/
This the saved life in the hands of the redeemer/
We peeked over the fence but our grace is greener/
Boasting forever, because we think its better/
Yeah we think its better//You know we got
Compassion – Joy – Love – Meekness/
Favor – Peace – Strength in Weakness/
2nd Verse – feature by Street Hyms
3rd Verse – feature by Norris J