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  1. Brainwashed

From the recording Addicted: Dual EP

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You know that I’m brainwashed, and I’m no longer the same/
Your Word is like a remedy removing every stain/
My memory was full with what the world tried to give me/
Guess that you can say that he cleared me; hear me/ (2x)
Sex is like a product, everybody’s selling it/
With this new technology they texting and emailing it/
Glued to their computer screens, trying to see the next scene/
No nothing about wolverine, but call themselves an X Fiend/
Popping all these X pills, trying to chase the next thrill/
Sex is hot, but hell is hotter, I suggest they best chill/
And they know their sinning too, but they don’t take it serious/
Everybody sexing they bisexual bi-curious/
Guys date guys, that date girls, that date guys/
This is so not wise, with AIDs on the rise/
It’s like “touch my body”, “squeeze my thighs”/
You don’t think about Aids when you listening to plies/
When they listening to Kells, they just want to rock-bells/
But they on their way to Hell if you ain’t heard them wedding bells/
If I offer my hand in marriage and he don’t want to take it/
Then he will never ever see me Naked (Naked)/
I met a dude that said when iMac, iTouch/
So now I see sex like an apple product/
Till women understand that love is God/
They’ll get touched like iPhones and get played like iPods/
But my ACCESS to the WORD ensures that I EXCEL/
That was a POWERPOINT take a minute to exhale/
When dude pull his MacBook and ask can iSmash/
iTune that noise out and tell’em that iPass.
(Chant) Lust of the Flesh, Lust of the Eyes, and the Pride of Life/
I had it all until I encountered Christ/ (2x)
Pride is like a clothing line, everybody's, rocking it/
I wish it was a fad and somebody was stopping it/
But I guess its permanent, its rising like Yeast/
They dont know Humble's Beauty but they call themselves a Beast/
But people don’t see it that way, they think they’re at their best/
Notice I said THINK, they rockin’ some bad GUESS/
These guys want to be American Gansters like the mo-vie/
Think it’s cool to be a thug, I guess they rockin Coogi (Cool G)/
And the ladies making the guys fall, sorta like its autumn/
Cuz they idolize they bodies, proud of their Apple Bottoms/
Some Christian got pride too, yeah they get that WORD on/
But their heads get “puffed up” guess they on their Sean John/
I use to be arrogant, pride is what I was holding/
That’s why I see pride like its name brand clothing/
Letting it define you, it’s really not Funny/
Forget Georgio, man it’s God-Ar-Money!/
God-Or -Pride, Cuz if YOU serve YOU!/
Rockin True Religion, your religion’s not True/
IAM Second which means that He comes first/
God you’re the only star, so that’s why I Converse/
About what you did, Yeah I rap like fajitas/
Saying Pride was paid with stripes God you are so Adidas.
(Chant) Lust of the Flesh, Lust of the Eyes, and the Pride of Life/
I had it all until I encountered Christ/