From the recording Dual Art Collective



Away, to a place, That's far far Away, from the Noise,
Commotion, High Pressure, and Busy Pace
To a Place, of infinite space, where Love is the only Currency
And reference, through reverence is the only Occupation
It's a Place where I can freely live/
I bountifully receive more than I ever give/
So excuse me....I'm off....
To Where? They ask. To Worship. I answer/

For, this is the place where I can, Hear your voice
This is where you give, divine direction/
My thoughts are fixed on you, I call it mental Protection/
Because I THINK no evil, I Hear no Evil, and all I can speak about is You/
Your train that fills the temple of my heart,
Your Glory and Your Grace/ G
Your Friendship and your Fire/ F
Your Excellence and your Eminence/ E
You Distinctiveness and your Deliverance/ D
Your Credibility and Creativity/ C
You Blessings and your Beauty/ B
Your Affirmation and your Abundance/ A

You Re-Versed the Lyrics of my Life/

In this place, I feel like even if I had a thousand tongues,
I could not say enough, so I stop, and I stand in silence/(and)
You Speak, You Teach, and I eat.
Yes, the place that you have set for me at the table/
In the presence of my enemies/

You pour out your love, and my cup runs over/
I Drink...yes I drink...knowing that I will never thirst again/

When I am here. Far away from the Noise and Pace/
No sacrifice is to great/
I lift my hands, bow my knee, I lay, I pray, or just stand in place/
But I seek your face/
Nothing even compares, So there is no place I'd dare be/
Than here.

My favorite place
My hiding place
My secret place

Where I can have childlike faith and wait/
For your presence/
I love it here!
Where? They Ask. In Worship! I answer.