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  1. Here I Am

From the recording Dual Art Collective


Here I Am
Chorus – (sample of Chris Tomlin’s Here I Am to Worship)
Verse 1-
Sweet Spirit, My Lord, Dear Heaven Father/
It's just me again, I hope its not a bother/
But I just need to talk, my problems are like taxes/
My friends are like the Govt., they not cutting it/
Their better than my foes, they keep me suppressed/
They think its "clean to be cold", but that's a "hot mess"/
Then there's my Family, Whew, my family/
A simultaneous blessing and a calamity/
Then there's my enemy, which really is my Inner-Me/
See, when we are not in sync, I suck, and need your synergy/
So they're side-eying me, like I'm such a Hypocrite/
But I am not a hypocrite, Really I just can't quick
I need your help with that, matter fact, on the double/
When I think my ways are right, they lead me into trouble/
The devil yelling, "these relationships aint working for ya/
But I know the one I have with you is, so I'm searching for u/
Verse 2-
So here I am again, this time not destitute/
I searched all over, I'm just impressed with u/
Couldn't find nobody greater, stronger, wiser...non of that/
I'm trying to get to you, I'm rushing like a running back/
Cuz in you is where I find my joy,in u is where I find my peace/
I 'stick' with u, cuz when I'm in a clutch u shift me, and I feel release/
Just like a manual, I've been reading ur manual/where u modeled the way to live, "God with us"...Immanuel/
Not just moving my mandible, I know u got my back/
Some ppl are full of hate, your opposite of that/
Like they give me Bad News, you give me the Gospel/
My enemies tried to form weapons, u wouldn't let them prosper/
They gave me sickness, u declared me healed/
In sins debt, you pulled your "Masters" card & paid that bill/
I'll never thirst again, if I drink of u is the deal/
I'm fetching that living water, on my Jack & Jill/
You know u had a lot of crooks try to steal your heart......how to love(echo) (2x)
But I know know a God, who loves you/
Listen w/ your heart, he's singing to u/
He's saying..."I love you"/
And you should tell him, "I love you, too"/ (2x)