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  1. #GuestList

From the recording GuestList


*Watch Out!* for what goes around! What goes up must go down/
Anything that comes up, must go down, might as well go for the gusto now/So its properly noted, yeah that’s Eminem that I quoted/
But it still apply, ‘cause it’s me Shy & I been awaiting a track to explode with/
(F)I, think this the one to get me in the zone, for snapping & clapping & carrying on/
Checking your bags, like carry it on, lighten your loads, by righting your wrongs/
If u coming along then get this, if you're not boarding, then best wish/
But if you listening now, you on my hash tag #Guest-list/

You've been invited, you've been indicted/
Matter fact, this that Renaissance Rap, you're been en lighted/
But it's cool, when they say women can't rap, cause that's a misnomer/
Sort of made up like Marge when she miss Homer/
Kinda sorta, but not quite/I mean, what would you do, no Klondike/
If you're favorite rapper, rocked nice heels , would u cast a vote for her rhyme rights/
Hot 16's when I was 15, my rhyme schemes, they been the tightest/
I put dumb lyrics on dope beats, yeah I'll Kill These (Achilles) no tendinitis/

And just 'cause it’s positive please don't acknowledge it like it, like it aint hitting/
You say its real if you spit live, well I stay behind my bars, I got conviction/
Pop culture talks, but most time I don't listen, I'm my own mind's holder/
I don't Kanye Shrug, Nope! I have my own shoulders/
they say, “Shake ya money maker, u look Thicke in the Robin threads”/
I think about & I just start doing the bobble head/
Probably something u should hear in here, so peep out to what I say say/
Got vision, now I #CC2 like I'm on my Crae Crae/

Is she Rapper that's a Christian or a Christian that's a rapper/
“It don't really matter, when I see her, I'm a dapper/
‘Cause she bold...it’s cold...if u really know what she just said/
I'm a DJ, I drop a twerk beat...
Everybody in the party looks at me.../
And they all follow her lead and start doing the Bobble Head!”/ (on some)
(Yah) shake it! (Yah) shake it…Yeah, that's your money maker/
(Yah) shake it! (Yah) shake it...wait, DJ, back to these bars/

Speaking of bars, we need to raise 'em Dallas/
So let's get in step like a probate on a college campus/
I'm Repping and Reking my city, at the same time, who with me/
Please, just don't try to fight me, I'll weave, I'm bobby, like I'm Whitney/
Yeah, I rap but I'm not into warring/
I'm trying to go global no warming/
The game may not be over, but it is no longer boring/
Cuz this is your TWO minute warning/ (You better watch out)