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  1. Invited

From the recording Invited EP

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Haiku: From balcony view, as more feet crossed the hinges, I see Happy's face!
Everybody’s Welcome, so without further ado, this welcomes for you!

Pre Chorus
You are invit----eeeeed, you are invited/
So consider this, You-uurrr,
Per-son-nal Invitations!

Everyone's been summoned, everyone's indicted (influx)/
I am the host and (yeah) I'm so excited/
You are on the guest list, come & be united/
So nobody can say that...that...they weren't invited/

Verse 1
You know you've been invited right, you know you been indicted right/
Made sure that you got the notice, we all know that right is right/
I can hear you now, all mad about to blow up/
Like "I didn't get no invitation, that's why I didn't show up"/
So what, I did is made this open invitation/
A little entertainment with a lot of education/
I really want you to come, because I know it's going to be fun/
It's a conference hope you coming/It's a party don't be tardy/

Pre Chorus


Verse 2
When I'm saying everybody that just means I want you all there/
No static in your life, gotcha 'call' clear/
Knowledge on the table, you should rack it like its pool/
You're welcome to learn, you're invited like its school/
Here the bell ringing, and the ensemble singing/
Yeah I hear 'em singing but I hope I see you coming/
United I know that we can build something/
You are invited! (echo)

Written by Shy “ShySpeaks” Amos
Track Title: Success
Produced by BeatsbyOctavia