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From the recording Invited EP

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I know what I want to see, Know what I wanna achieve/
But I really don't know, if anybody else believes/
I want me some confirmation, To give me a little peace/
That's what I was waiting on, But God gave me release! He said GO!
Verse 1 - (0:38)
Opportunity doesn't knock, it waits/
For you to go and get the keys and unlock those gates/
To your dreams, your vision, your life, your calling/
It’s so COLD how it starts building, when you start rolling like snowballing/
Wanna start an avalanche?/Well go then (Golden) girl like Blanche/
Well Golden guy like 007, with the golden gun in his hand, on his knees finna squeeze/
Finna get it popping, with his head bobbing…Headphones on blaring hot/
Listening to "Living my life like its golden, living my life like I'm" Jill Scott/
I'm talking to you, I'm talking to me, I'm talking to us/
But all that Criss Cross thinking is gone make u miss the bus/
And that’ll be backwards/ I'm not holding back words/
I'm saying whatever comes to my "chess" to make you play no actors/
Now Move, why you waiting on them four?/
Better Go with some urgency, this an emergency like 10-4/
Over! Is what the games gone be when them points start to tally/
Best believe them supporters gone rally/(Like where they come from)

Hook - (1:29)

Verse 2 - (1:55)

Uhhh….Did the Creator say go? Oh, let me go get in the flow/
Let me find out, that I am a poet, and I ain't even know it, & You Aint Even Know/
You'aint even Know? We all have a talent he say/
Let me get out of my way/
Now I’m so serious about working me gift, "WORK" I’m starting to sound like a slave/
(Talking) That 'Rat chea’ could probably make me some CHEDDAR/
But I want it packaged in something that's BETTER/
What’s that? Oh, I thought you’d never asked, so let me TELL YA/
Let me define, I want it devine, so Divine, no LORETTA/
You're waiting to excel, surpass, or exceed/
You don't believe you have the affirmation that you need/
That use to be me, I used to write it in my journal/
Til I realized that everything I needed was internal/
So that Business, non-profit, new book, new diet/
Wanna try it? Go, Go like DC, you got it!/
That's probably where you're worth is...that's hidden truth with no Tupac/
Like how you're soul gone prosper, and you not?!/

Hook - (2:44)
Vamp - (3:10) (2x)
Go like its Monopoly, and Boardwalk is my property/
I ain't paying attention and you just landed on top of me/
With some urgency, like you know it's coming true/
Quit saying you waiting on God, when I say God's waiting on you