From the recording Invited EP

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Verse 1 - Poem
Could you imagine, a 4th grader going to prison/
Well statistics have been given/60% of US prison inmates cannot read above a 4th grade level or write a letter/
So if we are not fight Crime with Literacy then we are up a creek without a paddle/
I'm blue, at the fact that you do not realize that Americans are spending less time reading, meaning, our comprehension skills are eroding/
Which means we have civic, social, and economic problems exploding/
I asked a random teen, when was that last time he was seen, reading a book of his choice he turned green/Made me red
I know this sounds colorful like Tie-Dye/
But I'm just passionate, wishing I was passing a Paton or magic wand over this situation like...'ta..da'/
But I'm not, I'm just an artist trying to paint/
Picture that screams, It's not too late to educate/
There's organizations fighting adult low literacy rates/
All u have to do is DONATE/
Chorus – Lauren Lee
Open up your eyes, Read between the lines/
War for RIGHTS read, but they can't read or WRITE/
We're plagued by such a plight Praying that we see the light, , if we are ever going to win the fight,
Literally, we need Literary Now!
Verse 2 by -topic
Feeling like the game changed up, books opened in my room, trying to step my brain up,
while emcees let they chains hang, mayne what's the deal let me know/
It's like we're cool with standing still, it ain't too many trying to grow/
at least promote the growth/ supposed to go, as far as you can man/
I've been progressing, since the days of catching Two Can Sam/
On television, I had a vision, of better living, mama said you better listen/
Get you education, followed my intuition/
And ended up leaving college/ Still applying my knowledge/
still able to have a peaceful debate with the scholars/
When I say get yo paper, I ain't talking 'bout dollars/
I'm talking about relating your situations to novels/
Illiteracy is misery, I hope you're hearing me/
It's hard to have swag, when you can't read a paragraph/
Get your mind right, and maybe when the times right/
you could be shining in the limelight/ (yeah)
Verse 3 by ShySpeaks
Guess, their lights are clap on & they're
rapping for applause/well rapping for a cause/to REVERSE the way its PLAYING out, so we can move FORWARD , if nothing else I'm rapping for a PAUSE/For Yall to stop & think about the drama we have caused/ Watch'em grow sick & then say that healing is the pleasure/(aaaah) I'm saying its true, but I (...too) believe in preventative measures/Do you?