From the recording Invited EP

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The Reception

The table was set with food, fruit, food, drinks and food some more/
The walls were decked with an immaculate decor/
the ambiance was elegance galore/
the aroma, (*inhales*) smelled of the sweet fragrance of fellowship/
Sometime I (eye) can't see how I, had the opportunity of attending a wedding feast hosted by a King for his son/
Who'd sent out his servants to summon those invited to the banquet, but they...didn't come/Perhaps they didn't know the benefits, so he sent his servants out again/
The King said, "Tell those who are invited: Look, I've prepared my dinner, there's no petite meat, the best has been brought & everything is prepped to perfection/So please, come to my son's wedding reception”/
But they paid no attention, in fact, some were so indifferent/(voices from)
The Crowd said, "I have to tend to my farm”, another, "I have to tend to my business"/
Then some from the crowd were pretentious & just pure evil for God knows what!/
They...seized his servants, and took them in cold blood/

They literally 'Kill the messenger'!/
So the rest of us../Sat Silently in our Seats as those Servants Saluted their host/
Reporting back with news of how that crowd had done the most/
It’s safe to say that, although, they didn't attend the feast, they had the Toast/
Because the King, put out a decree, "Burn down their city/I have no pity for the fool who disrespects, me, my son, and my summons as such/And as much!, as it hurts to admit, those who I originally invited were not worthy”/
“So, please, go back out into the streets/
And bid everyone to come, extend the invitation to All/
We must fill this wedding hall/for my son, Because there will be a celebration”/
So some servants went without hesitation to the people, this time receiving a different outcome/
Voices from this crowd, yelled aloud, "I'll come", and another "Yeah, I'll come"/
Even the kids too, when asked who'd like to join?, they said, "I do".
So they came…/
We just about danced the night away/
Too much melodious music, but this magical moment was interrupted by a man/
Spotted by the king, NOT wearing a wedding garment/ A Garment which was a badge for homage/represents the joy in one's heart for the occasion, so to not wear one was simply dishonor/
The king was probably thinking, I come out to see the guests/
and I'm insulted by this mess/ But he asked him nicely,
"How did you get in Here, without wedding clothes, friend?"
And the man, had no amends, he stood there speechless!

Pardon my interruption of this story, but how do you not have an answer for your actions when being asked by the king/
So you mean, to tell me, you were bold enough to be confrontational but not conversational/
But then again, there are few words to be exchange for outright disobedience/
The garments were given freely to you like everyone else, but you chose to be expedient/
How convenient and improper/to impose his sedition and downright disrespect
In the presence of greatness, how do you show your hind to your highness/

Maybe it was the messengers mistake, maybe they didn't relay the whole truth/
They just told him, “this invitation is for you/
To come, freely as you are”, this is true/
But here's where the petition should change/
To read, "Come as you are, but you can't stay as you came"/
But back to what I was saying!
"Invite them" said the King, "I'm coming" said the crowd/
"I'm grateful to be here" said the comer, but "I'm not changing" said the coward/
He could have at least, confessed, his pride and suggested his pity/
This....wasn't pretty/
The room stood still, like a city on a hill, made with alloy, iron, and carbon, Steel, like images, I can still picture an atmosphere charged with the idea that the coward knew/ And the sense that he had no valid excuse/
There was nothing left for the king to do, he said, “tie-him-hand-and-foot and throw him OUT into the darkness!”

I don't mean to make light of that moment, but theoretically speaking,
The King said: "Go"
The Crowd said, "Whoa"
The Coward yelled, "No",
I said, "Oh - He just made room for another."

Hence the reason why I bother, to retell the story of what happened in the previous hours/
Yes the previous hours...Of the wedding feast/
For it's still going on, still plenty to eat/
You're probably thinking, this is interesting but why am I here & not there, and why am I telling you/
Well let me give you a clue/
I am a messenger, commissioned to Go, Gather the Group who missed the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd call/ All...are welcomed, in this minute, I am indication/
That there is still time, so consider this your personal invitation/
(Sfx: ticking time stops, clock strikes the hour)

Lyrics written by Shy Amos

Live Instrumentation provided by Ethan Kent