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  1. Heaven

From the recording Invited EP

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Verse 1 – (Great Places & Pleasantries)
When you, when admire someone you wanna see where they stay/
Wanna go by their house, chill with them for a day/
Know it gotta be cool, just on the strength of their person/
Well, I'm feeling that way for certain/
You see, I've done a lot of people, been a lot of places/
Should've dermatologist, I've seen a lot of faces/
It probably be cool, but I never met Oprah/
Where she invited me over, like pop a squat on my sofa/
Then she show me around, the decor is probably loca/
Inspiring conversation sipping on a foreign mocha/
Never been to Switzerland, or to Nova Scotia/
Or watch the Thunder play two seats behind Sefolosha/
All of these pleasantries, can't compare to the Heavenlies/
Or the joy in it's owner that I've found/
One day I'm going up, I'm going Up, I'm going UP, I'm going UP
and never coming down/
Verse 2 – (Hip Hop Heaven)
Hip Hop, why you looking down?/
Cuz I never sold out, so I'll never where the crown/
I'm texting the industry, sending....frown/
So caught up in a gimmick that we've forgotten the sound/
All I here is drug, sex, & shots with no penicillin/
Swag on a billion, more money than most civilian/
Well soldier, somebody should've told ya, disclosure/
Recording LIGHT is the true meaning of Exposure/
Picture! ...Yours is dark and it's dim/
But you're In the fliest planes, and rocking them fine gems/
And I've never been there, yeah you pitched it like a Dealers/
But I'm going to a place where the King is a Healer/
I'm trying to be whole, to BEHOLD, no ground
One day I'm going up, and never going down,
I'm going up, Up, UP, UP, and never coming down/
Verse 3 – (The Inner Heaven)
To the level of "church folk" I said it/
Talking like that could probably get me beheaded/
But it's true, cause they, waiting on that pie in the sky/
And I'm not, (uh uh) Nope! Let me tell u why/
You may've heard it before, but please let me remind you/
The Kingdom of Heaven is inside you!/
So internally...is eternity/
I'm on some higher learning, quit worrying about the infirmity/
Hell? No, I ain't trying to go/
But even if it don't exist, empowerment was my risk/
It's sorta like this, she's dead so the doctor lays her back/
But God made Arkansas, so I know he can Razorback/
POWER! And it's in me/
So I'll be oozing out heaven till I'm empty/
Never seen the moon, or every continent/
But I'm peaking, by reaching a higher consciousness/
I never seen the moon, or every continent/
But my faith is reaching for higher consciousness/

Up! I'm going Up, I'm going UP, I'm going UP
and never coming down/
I'm going Up, I'm going UP, I'm going UP
and never coming down/