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  1. P vs. R

From the recording Invited EP

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P vs R
Tell me are you coming, or are you leaving/
Are you pursuing me? Or are you retreating? /
Tell me which one, do you want to the most? /
But you can't do both, nah, you can't do both/
Verse 1
You seem into me, I have to admit that I am a little amused/
But I am mostly confused, because you, don't seem to know how you want to relate to me/
You're faith-fully, inconsistent/
And that's an 'oxy'/ I just want something "clean & clear" like Oxy/(But you)
Sort of Box me, like a Nazi patch on a German fighter in 1933/So we, disregard our history and agree to be friends/And as soon as I became cool with the fact that we'll just be cool/You took a deep dive into that pool/
Voice - T-Ned ()
Verse 2
You saying that I'm the ONE, is an indication that we've begun...Round ONE/
I'm feeling nervous & excited, and just like that, I'm emotionally involved/
We've resolved, that we will be more/
So much anxiety of you not being committed to your decision/
But when you said it, you sound for sure/
In fact, you even said that you’re my Boaz, and I’m you’re Ruth/
You’re words have shaped a new reality, and I’m trying to grasp this truth/
That as friends, we’re crossing the point of no return/
No U-Turn, no, no going back, no undoing this/
Love is a chance, but you, you seem worth the risk/
Plus you’re engaging my mind, trying to capture my heart/ Pursuing!
Wining, Dining, Wooing, doing all of the things that it takes to…./
Win me! Saying, love is about giving and you know what it takes too/
Then you remind me, I have to participate because you know after all it takes TWO/
I sure hope that you're not acting, because as a man/
The things you say are impacting my heart as a woman and can/
And WILL be used against you in the court of law, I mean love/
So I'm like, fine, no ticket, here sir is your permit/
You swung the gavel and changed the verdict/ (I'm saying)(echo)
just when I settle into the idea that you might just be my ideal/
You sent me rolling downhill/
You said...
Voice - T-Ned ()
Verse 3 - Leave
Really, we just finished planning for our wedding the other night over the phone/
I'm gone....no really....I'm torn apart/
This war in YOUR mind is creating a massive amount of debt in MY heart/
I can't believe I allow myself to believe you? But then again....
I didn't expect u to be so full of DOUBT considering that you're a man of FAITH/
You're fake and wait...was everything a lie?/
I mean...Why....did you say you wanted to Pursue meeeee/
So...let me get this, God told you I was the one and then you LEAVE/ ((3:42))
Either Disobedience or Deceptive/
Neither one is reflective of God...you...you...Fraud...you/
I was too cross-eyed too, see that you were no longer carrying your cross/drew a line in the sand, like you stand...on your side and I'll stand on mine/ That's Bold...but fine/
But there is something I want you and every male species,
high on Testosterone and Y-Chromosomes to know/
THIS...is not how it should Go!
We need your leadership to be PRESENT, when you approach us about the FUTURE/ Otherwise we'll PASS.
These romantic antics, need to be antiquated/
We're dividing what seems like schemes & equating that to a lack of character/
So the next time ur about to engage the heart of a wo-man, challenge yourself like "whoa man"/ P vs R, R vs P, will the winner be her or me/(or we)
(Well) I see that I am about to act, but is it based on feeling or fact?/
Voice - T-Ned

Written by Shawlesa “ShySpeaks” Amos
Produced by -topic