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From the recording Invited EP

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"Répondez, s'il vous plaît", which means "please reply."
The host would like to know whether you accept or decline
That is, will you be coming or not?
And since I know your host, consider this my class on etiquette.
Lesson #1 - It is a common courtesy in every culture to comfort the conscious of the addressee/Like when I was a child, one of my peers wanted to impress me, so he addressed me with a note, that I'm sure most of you could quote/(it read)
"Will you go out with me, check Yes or No?" Tough decisions, but I seriously
told myself, Replying is the least that you might do/
for someone who was nice enough to invite you/
because after all, he could have chosen another
Lesson #2 - You could be Wasting Resources by Waning your Responsibility
You're response-ability, meaning, you are able to reply/ So please don't lie,
Like, "I did not receive the invitation". When the truth is you have a lack of interest, but there is a high percentage that you will appear to be negative. (So) Negligence is your only option, you say, its simple math!
But really it doesn’t ADD up! Especially not for the host/
Who may accidently order the most, or the least/
By not being able to count the seat, nor food to eat, for the wedding feast/
I asked a bride, how she felt when people didn’t RSVP for her reception/
She said, it “Pierced my perception”, “You see I’m excited about this occasion”/
“I perceived that the patrons where just as eager for the celebration”/
But it seems that they aren't interested, perhaps they should uninvited/
However, the host usually care less about proving a lesson & more about being united/ So while your reply is a pending/they keep on extending, the date/That is the epitome of grace
Lesson #3 -There's no greater internal division, than indecision
This challenge you create with choosing starts bruising/
Your ability to trust yourself, you start losing/out on opportunities/
Because the window WHISK (sound effect) away like dancers/
While you wish you had the right answer/
Henry Ford said, "Indecision is often worse than wrong action"/
Now, considering Ford's contribution to this world, his words should be enough to make you stop/But if NOT, even God said, he'd rather you be cold or hot/
Please, at least Pick for your own Peace/
"Répondez, s'il vous plaît"!