VLOG: Making the #WTAL2020 Theme Song

I gladly accepted the invitation from the Woman Thou Art Loosed (WTAL) Production team to write & perform the Conference's Intro & Outro Song! In this episode, you get to come along with me behind the scenes to peek into…

Big News: Shy's featured on #WTAL2020 Custom Song/Single

ShySpeaks had the distinct pleasure of writing, recording, and filming a video for the theme song for Woman Thou Art Loosed (WTAL) 2020!  Not only was the song used as the intro & outro of the conference, it has been…


PRESS: Interview w/ @SportsLifeTalk

Much of media today is short-form.  But sometimes, a good conversation takes time. So I'm pleased to present this long-form collab & convo that I did with the Sports LifeTalk podcast crew.  The crew is not just sports enthusiast, they…


VLOG: A Day-In-The-Life Meets Gear Review (@Comica_Audio)

There is a question on the table, "Is the Comica BoomX-D D2 Wireless Mic the best for vlogging"? Travel with me throughout my day as I put the mic to the test in 3 different atmospheres: Windy Outdoors, Small Gathering…


VLOG: BTS of a Virtual Concert

It's more to it than what meets the eye...or camera in the case of Virtual Events/Concerts.  In this episode, I take you behind the scenes of DaVerse Lounge as I document being the featured artist during their 2nd ever quarantine…


VLOG: Q&A Edition of #ShadowingShy

While checking emails on my "Admin Day", I came across a good question from one of my subscribers about how to grow & monetize YouTube. My answer may shock you...!


VLOG: Behind the Scenes of a Voice Over Session

You've 'heard' a voice actor in a commercial, but have you 'seen' one? Well, come along into the studio as I tackle a voice over session. It'll be fun, plus you'll learn 5 Voice Over Techniques along the way!