"Get In The Game" - An Empowerment Lectures By ShySpeaks

The Experience

ShySpeaks, presents a KEYNOTE CONCERT experience, comprised of topical speaking, poetry, humor, song and crowd-interaction all musically anchored by a DJ. The duo delivers HIGH ENERGY and MOTIVATION that ENLIGHTENS an audience of young people with life-skill strategies and a sense of self-EMPOWERMENT to ACHIEVE personal GREATNESS. Each Empowerment Lecture Session will help students be bold in their approach to life’s obstacles, increase their moral-based decision-making, and make a purposeful difference on their world, by leading academically, professionally and personally!

The Process

The Empowerment Lectures x ShySpeaks are presented:

  • In up to TWO, back-to-back sessions (assemblies/seminars)
  • Using TWO Life Skill Topics of your organization's selection that are relevant to your needs, issues, and or goals

Those TWO Topics are interwoven with 2 poems/songs to illustrate lessons! 

    The Topics

    Life-Skill Topics:


    Overcoming Peer Pressure


    Artistic Entrepreneurship

    Social Media Integrity



    Keynote/Workshop: "Undefeated" Overcoming Adversity

    People who know Shy personally tell her that when they hear someone giving excuses for why they can't overcome life's difficulties, they stop and think of her. Why? Because in their minds, ShySpeaks is listed in the dictionary under..."Overcomer"! 

    Shy has battled the odds from birth! Being born to parents who exposed her to drugs as a baby in an under-privileged area, she hurdled the obstacles that usually befall at-risk youth.  She fostered a mindset determined to defy every negative statistical outcome expected of her.  

    In this signature speech, ShySpeaks expounds on what she champions as her "5 Keys to Conquer Life's Obstacles".

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