VLOG x #LSTS: A Convo on Cosigns with J.Bolin & Frank Cage 

When it comes to ART, it seems like every artist needs/wants a cosign in their industry! There's this unspoken rule that when a seemingly large group of people speak well of a creative's work -OR- a person of prominence says a work of art is good, it then becomes viable to the masses. But shouldn't the masses be able to decide for themselves, while taking what other's say as confirmation & not validation? This question called for a conversation, in my opinion. So, I sat down with J. Bolin and Frank Cage, a Celebrity Stylist who represents the Fashion Arts world and a Graphic Artist/Branding Consultant who represents the Digital Arts world, and we had a good Convo about Cosigns. There are tons of gems from every creative in this convo! Watch/Listen Below as J.Bolin, Frank Cage, and I, delve into our personal lives to answer that question & more!  

Creatives! Honestly, it doesn't matter what #TheySaid.  What matter's is that YOU stay the course on the path called your purpose! 

Tweet This: "It’s not good because they said. They said because it was good!" - @ShySpeaks

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