From the recording Addicted: Dual EP

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Artistic Beat (POEM)

Allow me to be the first to say that I am all for artistic expression/
But the aesthetic direction of our generation has taken a pathetic digression/
Apparently art is like most things now-a-days, it’s subjective/
But we all can agree that its function and objective is to be suggestive/
So allow me to suggest this - - - as an artisan/
Music is still an art, but hip hop and R&B may soon need a Mortician/
I’m not lying, it’s on the verge of dying and slowly losing its heartbeat/
When we allow our artist to be art-less, as long as they do it to a nice BEAT/
So to a nice Beat, they talk more about bodies then Biology/
And we allow our kids to listen to this….Audio Pornography/
Then we wonder why teenage pregnancy and STD’s are on the rise/
Yes I know your wise, so I’m not trying to fool you/
Into believing Pornography can MAKE you have SEX, but it can school you/
And your school aged kids.
Listening to these rappers vividly describe how to sell DOPE in the streets/
It’s cool if they yell triple beams & baking soda as long as they do it to DOPE beats/
After all, NO MAN appeals to kids more than the SNOWMAN think about it!
But this art and art is beauty. So will someone help me realize/
And regain my real eyes that allows me to see what’s beautiful about real lies/
I thought real truth was beauty, I didn’t know that yelling Bloca Bloca, Bloca /
To a hot beat what pave the way for Wacka Floca/
Somebody stop tha....Music/
And inject some ART back into it/
But if they promise the artist high dollars and cents, ITS/
No wonder they make something so senseless appeal to your senses
Perhaps it’s not the track or the groove/ That’s making you move/
Might be that foolishness is attractive to you/
Or it’s possible that your conscious has been so seered and sifted/
That you don’t realize that BEAT is tight but the message shifted/
If a painter painted tainted message into a picture I must ask/
Do you accept the picture of a raping because you like the color contrast/
Do you accept the sculpting of a sculptor if all he molds are vain thangs/
We you shouldn’t accept a song, just because the BEAT bangs/
I acknowledge your intelligence you’re wise, and I can’t fool you/
You already know that a Bad messaged to a Good Beat , can school you/
And your school aged kids.