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  1. Humility (Poem)

From the recording Addicted: Dual EP

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Humility – POEM

He said, “you’re too modest”
If he had half my talent, he’d be singing and rapping all the time/
I smiled and shook my head, (*do it), but this is what was on my mind/
I use to be like that, I use to rap way back/
I remember saying, I was the reason Jay-Z was gone part two of the black/
And if you were feeling like a lyricist, you could come and try to challenge me/
I would bet my bottom dollar you gone see what damage be/
I knew for sure, with 10 hands you couldn’t handle me/
I’ll take your deal and have your manager to manage me/
See when I spit it was so sick, it was smooth that/
I felt like since Shy, rap done got its groove back/
But then *claps* SMACK!/
I was popped over the top with an unpopular fact/
That I’d bought some cheap smelling pride that I needed to take back/
Cuz it was stinking, it had me thinking I was big, but I was shrinking/
I was sinking into the same ship that most people drown on/
Its called….EGO GIGANTIC, funny how that rhymes with TITANIC/
It’s a place/ where true identity has been replaced/by false-sense-of-pride/
It’s a ship that some of you currently ride/
So insecure in your self-image that you always have something to prove/
You take on Superior attitude/cannot serve because you show others that you’re inferior/
Yet their interior is as cold as Siberia/Makes me Hot like Nigeria/Disgust me like bacteria/
Pride is an abomination/
It’s that thing, that thing that makes those who sing/
Feel like as long as they (*does a run*) they deserve a championship ring/
It’s that thing, that thing that makes poets and preachers/
Forfeit their opportunity to teach us/Desiring rather to perform
On microphones & stages when it was given to them to call to reach-us/
Pride is kin to Frivolousness!
Have you spending 100,000 on a dress or a diamond studded grill that looks a mess and some/
To boost your ego, but you could have boosted a life cuz that sounds like a college fund/
Reminds me of those rappers…
Do things with no rhyme or reason/ their rhymes have no reason/
I rhyme for a reason/ I rhyme in this time, cuz I was designed for this season/
See Truly knowing who you are and your purpose brings you back down-to-earth/
Speaking of getting down, the most infamous dude around /
Took a towel and a bin of water and SAT on the ground/
Began to wash his own-servants-feet,
As you can image, they frowned/Saying things Like, why are YOU-serving-Me?/
He replied, “I didn’t come to be served, but to serve others”, (Mark 10:45) in other words
So that’s why I’m modest!
I simply aspire to inspire before my time on earth expires
That’s the posture that allowed Glory to sneak up on us, It was ridiculous how inconspicuous He Was!
Jesus that is/
He basically took a towel and a basin and redefined what Greatness is/(John 13)