From the recording Invited EP

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It's cloudy with a chance of heartache/
When we don't realize that what we do can really make his heartbreak/
Ask Marla, you see Marla had a daughter/
But Marla had a boyfriend that helped her get caught up/
50 Keys of Cock is what she had when they caught her/
Now its constantly, Collect every time she want to call her/
Her daughter. So you know she put that in her plea/
Say "I'll be a better parent, if you release me”/
So the judge showed her mercy, instead of 10, she got 3/
No second guessing, that's a blessing, that was close, woo-wee/
“I’ll be a better person, a whole new demeanor”/
But when she got out, her daughter never seen her/
If I ask you, you'd probably say, she abused her grace/
Well let me put the that mirror back in your face/
It's the same thing that you do, with that same sin you do/
Saying "we all bound to something" like he can't deliver you/
Chorus -
I hear your prayers, but I hear your excuses/
I feel your pain, But think about what you're doing to me/
Just because I'm a perfect God, that don't mean I can't be grieved/
We don't know our place, we spit in his face, abuse his grace/
Hey, I'm just being honest!/

Verse 2 -
Its cloudy with a chance of rain/
When we get vain, when it comes to telling truth, we act like we're so ashamed/
Ask Whitney, you see Whitney had knowledge/
Got a good paying job straight out of college/
With some Buddies/
Then Whitney got noticed, then she got promoted, so the lines got muddied/
Caught her friends scheming a plot that would cause the company loss/
She didn't speak up, didn't wanna be seen as the uppity boss/
If I ask you, you'd probably say, she didn't know her place/
Well, let me put that mirror back in your face/
That's the same thing, you round folks sinning without budging/
Don’t speak in love for fear that it's gone be seen as you judging/
Well let's look at this thing from a straight biblical angle/
You do know that one day we're gone judge angles?/(Righteously)
Oh you didn't know that? Probably not reading enough/
To know the difference in condemning and showing love/

Chorus -
Bridge – Amanda Maxfield

Listen, I'm not trying to judge you/
But He wants more of you/
There's a purpose for you, I'm telling you the truth/
Ur walking beneath your call.../
If you want to find you, 1st you gotta seek truth/
He's that and the way, even when you go astray/
He's strong where your weak and...
Verse 3 -
Yeah, he's strong when you’re weakened, Even on the weekend/
When you tell someone to "meet me at the creep in"/
You so R&B, that's that rhythm & blues/
You live your life with a rhythm that gives God the blues/
Yeah we know the rules, but we just pick & choose/
God's heart is Breaking, and we’re on the 1's & 2's/
Scriggidy scratch that, let's go in, Straight talk with no chase/
We live bold wrong lives & spit in his face/
Act such a disgrace, in the name of his grace, that we abuse/
I wonder if he ever feels used/
Sad part is this ain't from no atheist sitting in some high chairs sipping brews, this is from the pews/ (Whew)
...the Saints? Yeah them/ Mindset on mayhem/
Sometimes, I don't know what's controlling their cerebellum/
Doing all this stuff, do we really think he's pleased? Please/
We're made in his image, with feelings, so I know that he can be grieved/
(I said we made in his image with feelings so he can be grieved.)

Ad Libs – Amanda Maxfield

Ooohh oohhhh
Said it hurt so bad,
Every time you sin,
Crucifying me over and over again!
Ohh uh oh oh

I hear your prayers, and I hear your excuses,
I feel your pain, but think about what you’re doing to meeee
Just because I’m a perfect God, it doesn’t mean I can’t be grieved,
O uh o oooo aaaaah o uh ooooo!
I’m just being honest!