PRESS: WFAA & GMA covered the most EPIC magazine photoshoot...and I was apart of it! #100BrilliantBoysOfColor #RIPKobeAndGiGi 


When I first heard about the '100 Brilliant Boys of Color' Magazine Photo Shoot, I knew that I wanted to be apart of it!  Erica Molett of the Beyond the Ball organization (creative director of this monumental gathering) contacted me about featuring the "Crowned King" design from my clothing line to their wardrobe department for an added touch of urban flare. (See Below) The boys who would all be dressed in various careers, like Firemen, Doctors, Lawyers, etc as a way of saying, beyond playing have the ability to be successful in the future! Needless to say, I immediately oblidged the opportunity!  On that call, Erica talked about how my song, King, was a great influence on the vision for this shoot that would be captured on the steps of the historic African American Museum.  The more we spoke, it became apparent that I should shoot a portion of my upcoming music video, "King Remix", during the photoshoot! So we did just that and boy was it FUN & EPIC!

On the contrary, this is where we all were when we found out that Kobe passed away. 100 boys of color, a pro photographer (Kuwuane Burton), Southern magazine, Beyond the Ball Org, and the ShySpeaks crew all breathed in the news at once but couldn't help but to exhale with a sense of all the hope that we were surrounded by.  9 Mins after hearing the news, we began the shoot! Good Morning America announced that we dedicated the photo to the legacy of Kobe Bryant & all the families who suffered a loss during the tragedy!

I'll share more of this moment from my perspective later...til then, enjoy this video coverage by WFAA Channel 8! 


Grab one for a King in your life!

VLOG 001: Peek Behind a 90,000+ Attended Event w/ @ShySpeaks (#Together2018) 

Ever wish you could just hang out backstage with an artist at a heavily attended gathering/conference/concert to see exactly what they're seeing and experiencing? 

In this episode, follow along as I breathe in the reality of being a performer at the Texas Motor Speedway alongside some of the most influential faith-based artist & speakers of our time, like Andy Mineo, Jonathan Traylor, KB, Samuel Rodriguez, Tedashii, Grant Skeldon...who all make a cameo appearance). I got to share an original Spoken Word poem entitled, 'Whatever it Takes' to evoke individual action and intentional cultural influence.I felt honored, challenged, and rewarded all at the same time.  The Together 2018 event was held in Dallas and garnered over 13K people viewing online and nearly 100K in attendance. 

Also as a bonus, I've included...the full length version of My Poetic Performance


Watch the full TBN - Special of 'Together Gathering'

Together Gathering Website

VLOG x #LSTS: A Convo on God's Direction w/ Grant Skeldon & Kandis Davis Reese   

There's always what He Said & She Said but what about what #GodSaid? Especially with regard to the Person/Position/Place that we align ourselves with. Watch -or- Listen as Kandis (former producer for Daystar Television Network) & Grant (Founder of the Initiative Network) speaks from their experience about leaving/entering relationships, cities, states, and career positions following God's direction. 

Tweet: When God tells me to do something, I've made it a habit to listen, because I have done the opposite + repercussions r no fun! -@kandiswrites

VLOG x #LSTS: A Convo on Women in Hip Hop w/ Lady Jade & J.Rhodes  

If you know anything about Hip Hop, you know that women have contributed a lot to the genre/culture.  However, in many ways, their presence is still taboo! WHY?  Well, ShySpeaks hosted a convo with Lady Jade (Radio Personality on DFW's leading Hip Hop/R&B Station) and J. Rhodes (Producer for Hip Hop acts, Lecrae, Game, Talib Kweli, Royce Da 5'9, Ab-Soul, to name a few) to answer that question.  The discussion spans from us witnessing an over emphasis on the #SexSymbolRapper to the lack of female affiliates among today's leading male artist.   

Dear #HipHop, there are several women's stories yet to be told in Hip Hop. Let's not accidentally silence the next powerful, inspirational voice before she arises!

Tweet: If you were to name your top 10 #CHH artist, could you find at least 5 females that they rock with, affiliate with, or endorse? - @ShySpeaks


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